Monday, November 8, 2010

Mt Rainier with Milky Way from Tolmie Peak

Mt Rainier with Milky Way from Tolmie Peak
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Fall is one of the most spectacular times of the year in Seattle. The skies have been really clear and the stars have been so sharp that it hurts to look at them. Still, I haven't seen anything quite like this image from Cap'n Surly yet! I guess I need to head to the mountains...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Whiskey Managed

Jameson Whiskey
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I often say that there is a Harry Potter reference for everything in life, much the same way some feel about James Joyce, others about the bible, and one guy I know says that about Jack Handy. But the funny thing is, sometimes I say things without realizing I'm referencing Harry Potter or that I'm saying it out loud.

Last week I mentioned that when I get depressed it's like I just cant get away from the Grindylows. Insert cricket noises here.

This morning, we found out that my company has been bought by a large Indian corporation and that our little headquarters in the Northwest is now a "wholly owned subsidiary" of said company. I sighed and said, "Now we can all see the thestrals." Blank stares.

But what cracks me up the most (yeah, I make myself laugh; it's a gift) is that a couple of nights ago I sat alone, but for Sparrow, my arm around his puppy dog shoulders, on my boat, and poured the last of my Jameson into a glass. I tapped the bottle on the table twice and muttered, "Mischief managed." And then I laughed out loud.

Sparrow thinks I'm crazy too.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Morning Snow with Swimming Ducks at Gasworks

Morning Snow with Swimming Ducks at Gasworks
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This winter is supposed to be a tough one, La Nina and all, according to Seattle resident weather guru, Cliff Mass. Maybe I'll get a chance to take some of these types of shots. I'm already gearing up for work from home days.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Best wedding invite ever!

This is a 5 minute wedding invite, done all in stop motion by shooting over 5500 images and stringing them together in iMovie. Genius!

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Here are a couple more shots of me on the most fabulous sunny day in Murano, the glassmaking island in the lagoon of Venice.

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CarrieBobo: last new artists of 2009

Yes, I'm already offering lasts. I came across this artist this morning and I love her style. Find her here for a wider variety of styles.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy 30th Michone!

My big sister turned 30 on the 9th, so Mom, Michone, and Charis came over and spent the weekend with me. We saw the musical White Christmas at the most magical theatre in town, ate lots of chocolate, had drinks at Pigalle in the Market, saw fantastical gingerbread houses, ate Moroccan food with our hands, had french pastries and generally had a very nice time. Here are a few shots from that.

Thanks for coming out, girls. I love you all so much and I had a wonderful time with you. Michone, thanks for being a delightful sister, a friend of my heart, and the amazing woman you are. I love you very much and hope your birthday was all you wanted it to be.


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Venice, reintegration

Coming home was difficult (an understatement I assure you). Getting back into the swing of work has proved impossible. Aside from the photo shoot that has been going on and setting up, and for which I will be out of the office all day tomorrow and working all day Saturday, there has been the holiday confusion that is thing leads to another.

And Venice still has her grip on my soul. Europe always leaves fingerprints on me when I come back, but Venice is a special kind of magic. I hope everybody gets to experience her entrancing beauty at some point.

San Salute, Venice, across the Grand Canal. Gondola poles in the foreground.

I will be transcribing my journal entries into blog posts this weekend, likely Sunday, so check back then. I actually wrote them all on paper, with a pen. It was a retro experience! If I can read my own handwriting, you'll get the firsthand account soon. Until then, here are a couple of more shots.

Murano, main canal, wine jugs.

The Rialto Bridge, Venice, Grand Canal. 'Nuff said.


Monday, December 14, 2009

Venice images


If you click on any of the Venice images I have posted thus far they will get MUCH larger and you can see better detail, in case you were wanting more, as I am. Today it is snowing in Venice. I wish I were still there to revel in the magic.

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Venice, Gondola

The first Gondolier I saw was this fellow, disappearing down a canal.

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Ancient Venice

A black and white from my trip...

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Venizia, the rainy day

Here are a few images from Day 1 (after the day I arrived when I collapsed on my bed and didn't look around too much). I'll be obsessing about it all week, so expect LOTS more images and detailed verboseness to follow.

This is the outside of the island that is Venice, where there are very few tourists.

This is a gondola workshop. I think the man was making repairs.

The same outside island area.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gondolas, St Marks

These gondolas are in front of St Marks square.

More San Marco.


Academia Bridge, Venice

From the Academia bridge. Venice, Italy



Venezia, day 3

Venice is like a wild swan: beautiful, unpredictable, the most lovely thing in the world.

The only problem is a major DUH that didnt occur to me when I decided to leave my computer at home. I have no way to edit camera RAW images on a public PC, so I have no images to upload.

Yesterday I wandered in the rain for about 8 hours. It poured, and I borrowed an umbrella from my pensione and took my 5D, my TLR 120 film camera, and a pinhole body cap (Thanks, Michael!) and shot here and there and everywhere. I froze. Not Paris in March froze, but it was cold.San Marco Square was a bit disappointing, as so much of it is covered in scaffolding, but the basilica is still entrancing. Mark Twain said it looks like a large unknown insect going for a walk, and he is not far wrong. With the Byzantine domed roofs and the spires, it hardly looks at all like a European cathedral to me. However, it is still a hushed, sacred place, and the anti-camera police are out in force. Notre Dame said no cameras, but the French look the other way. Italians take their Catholic places much more seriously and you damn well better not try anything here. I followed the coastline for a long time, walking along the larger canals, trying my darndest to get lost in the back passages and nearly succeeding, both before and after San Marco Square. I eventually had to feed my growling belly, so I darted into a trattoria that I had to duck under the balustrade of a bridge to get to and dined on the most delectable Gnocchi al Ragu I have ever tasted. Coupled with red wine at 1 euro per glass, I was blissfully sated before I made my way back to San Marco to take long exposures and soak in the shiny pavement that shimmered with Christmas lights from Prada and Gucci like the reflected glory of the angels.

I returned to my pensione for a very hot shower to thaw before bed and woke up to radiant sunshine today. My room includes breakfast every day, which I was doubtful about, since I am not a cereal fan and rarely eat breakfast anyway. But the food here is fantastic, and they offer scrambled eggs, Andouille sausage, sweet croissants, prosciutto, 3 kinds of cheese, coconut yogurt (which is amazing) and more. I've found I can get by on breakfast and dinner if I eat dinner a little early and breakfast a little late and save myself a few bucks a day that way. Today I again wandered in the byways of the city, snapping photos of gondoliers in red ribboned straw boater hats and striped shirts, like a Monet come to life, and I ended up at the Rialto bridge just at sunset. They say if you kiss your lover as you cross under the Rialto bridge you will be happy together forever. There were many gondola passengers trying to make that come true tonight, and I sat and watched them while I took pictures. On my way to the bridge I stopped at a boat that was a floating produce stand and bought a bag of cherry tomatoes, and I leaned against the bright pink plaster of a sinking gothic building to savor them as I watched these embodiments of optimism pole their way past me.

I am still looking for a way to edit the RAWs so I can post some images. Tomorrow I'll shoot a couple of jpegs for that purpose. In all, Venice is a dream so real I can taste it, even now, even here. It is almost too good to be true, too beautiful to touch. As I ate my extra chocolate gelato today and  watched the pigeons dance to the song of the canal waves, I sighed deep sighs of utter happiness, and I soaked up the luck, the beauty, and the GOODNESS of my life. 

I am truly the luckiest girl in the world tonight. Without qualification.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

the sass

Oh, I'm feeling it today!


Not my image, but gorgeous. LOVE the Rolls.


Adelaide Rose

Adelaide Rose is 13.

She is also a well-known burgeoning photographer who sells prints worldwide through her flickr site and has developed an ethereal aethetic that I wish I could match on the best of days.

With enough self-awareness to run a regular blog called "Cold and Pale" (which accurately describes her style to an eery degree), she also runs a photo blog (access here) and a flickr site. Fascinating, talented girl....Go far, Adelaide. Fly high.

You can find Adelaide's regular blog here.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

6 days in Venice

I have a magical golden ticket for a ride on a plane that will take me almost anywhere in Europe. I have had it for nearly a year and a half, since our Paris trip flight debacle. My work schedule has been insane, and Tim's work schedule has been precarious, so we have not used them, and they expire in March. Because of a series of meetings and product launches, I cant take any time off after Christmas for a few months, and when I mentioned the ticket to my boss the response was, "Go now." 2 weeks ago I called the airline and asked what was available during the next few weeks and December 6th to Rome jumped out at me. I sunk my teeth into it, and now I am headed to Italy on Sunday. Tim's job may come to an end in January, so he needs to work while he can. Even though he has a ticket, too, he is planning to hold the fort down here and make his way to a surf destination later in the winter.

I pulled this image from Conde Nast Traveler.

I am so excited that I periodically can't breathe. My plan is to fly into Rome and take a hopper to Venice for 5 days, then back to Rome for about half a day, and return to Seattle Saturday, the 12th.

I have had my camera gear packed for nearly a week, and I keep envisioning myself on the streets of Venice, bundled in my red coat, red heels clacking, as I find the perfect bridge, the right foggy canal viewpoint, the best glimpse of a church tower, and set up my photographic island on the island to shoot slowly and deliberately. My goal is enough fantastic photos for a show, enough wine for a year, enough food for a day, and very little sleep. I plan to take my 5D, 3 lenses, a pinhole cap, and the old Twin Lens Reflex camera my dad gave me, which shoots 120 film, which I have in black and white.

I have 2 new pairs of red shoes and other than shooting, wine tasting, eating, and wandering, I want to find a place to dance in my red shoes...

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

WIlliam Anthony Photography

This image was on the PDP photo of the day (kind of a big deal) and I think it is just stunning. I like the crop, I like the color, I love the lines.

William Anthony is an LA based photographer who shoots lots of people and places around him and lives in the cool arty district in downtown LA that is not well known. I found LA overwhelming, a giant who wanted to eat me with it's square tin teeth and stared rays of hate at me with its cold concrete eyes. I admire a man who can be so inspired by such a place.

This image has nothing to do with the above image, but it's also by William Anthony. It feels oddly, eerily like ME to me.

Check out more of his work here. Be sure to see the Jackson fans gallery of MJs funeral. Poignant.

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